How Dangerous Are you?

Tell Me About Dangerous Women

Kim with megaphoneMy name is Kimberly Bachman.  I have felt called to ministry for over fifteen years and finally submitted four years ago.  I have a master’s in Christian Ministries and know God has called me to serve women and children. One day a few years ago in prayer God said to me, “Kimberly start a women’s bible study, teach my Word, and I will empower these women.”  From that “Dangerous Women Bible Study” was born!  Currently two groups are in session in Rapid City, one in Belle Fourche, and one in Spearfish is starting this fall 2013.  Sharla McCaskell and Evonne Culver are now the leaders in Rapid City and are God sent for the mission.  They are deeply devoted to their mission with Dangerous Women Bible Study and are phenomenal leaders.  I personally facilitate the sessions in Belle Fourche and Spearfish.  What a blessing to share the Living Word!

We are non-denominational.  We believe in the Risen Christ.  

No books are purchased for this study at any time.  We study  and discuss the bible. Period. Dangerous Women Bible Study encourages personal evangelism; as we walk out the door from our study, as people of God, each of us are called to a personal mission.   No offerings are taken during the study.  

 As we dive into the history and culture of biblical times, we discover the author’s intent for the original audience then bring it into terms that are applicable for today’s contemporary listener. The Word becomes the Living Word as discussion is lively and relational.  I tell every Dangerous Woman, if you leave this study with more questions than when you came in then it has been a fantastic study!  It will keep you returning to the passage all week reading and studying it even more!  It has created a desire to ‘know God’ even more deeply.

God has greatly blessed this ministry and the thundering of greatness is becoming deafening as we embark upon our new year teaching and glorifying GOD through the truth as we study the bible together.  May we be Dangerous Women who dare to step out for Christ and make a difference!

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